Living Twitter ? here are the best 5 alternative  for you

Living Twitter ? here are the best 5 alternative  for you 

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Since Elon Musk’s $44 billion purchase of Twitter Inc., there’s no shortage of users threatening to quit and go elsewhere.

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Concerns range from the billionaire’s stance on moderation and free speech, to his plan to let people pay for verification check marks.

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But once a user closes their Twitter account, where can they go to attain some level of social media satisfaction?

Here are some popular options:


The social network is often spoken of as an open-source alternative to Twitter.


Tumblr is angling to regain its erstwhile popularity amid the chaos of Twitter’s Muskification.


Parler is among a growing group of so-called alt-media sites that aim to give conservatives a forum to share views they feel are silenced on mainstream outlets.

Truth Social

Another high-profile competitor to Twitter is one created by Donald Trump.

WikiTribune Social, or WT.Social, has had a “strong rise in users leaving Twitter due to Elon Musk’s new ownership and policies,” founder Jimmy Wales said by email.